Tidbits by Jane, 4th Quarter 2016

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‘Ol Elk River threatened to slow traffic from all the recent rains, even though there was some water to drive through, the Annual Osburn Hog Roast was a success. The weather made for a beautiful evening of good food and fellowship. We enjoyed having Bryan Knowles from Hale community entertain us. Thanks Bryan for the entertainment! You can hear his songs on 98.1 and 104.9, and purchase CD’s.

Speaking of weather, the first part of October was wet! Depending on where you lived you could have received 6 – 11” of rain, high winds, hail and even a tornado or at least the threat of one!

Wheat planting started for some and then it rained and rained. The wheat came up spotty, some were replanted and others did not get planted. Soybean harvest also started. Who knew October could be so warm!  Maybe a little frost on the pumpkin one eve.   Heather and I attended the Neewollah Queen Talent contest as we had two family members involved.

Another good meal from the Methodist Church. These ladies are appreciated, as it takes many weeks of preparation and many helping hands to put on a meal this size. And Bingo returning was fun for all again. Community U is to thank for their efforts.   The Edwards have their lot marked off for a new home. How exciting for her and the family.

I learned this month: Love is deep, Money is shallow


The holiday season has started, hopefully you had a bountiful Thanksgiving with family & friends. Now to tackle Christmas! Shopping, caroling, decorating & eating! Calorie counting is no way to celebrate!

Made a trip to Wichita. Have you ever been to a city when there wasn’t road construction? Always changing and moving.

I went to Elk Falls Pottery Open house and the Outhouse Tour. It’s always a fun time. The Fry’s are in their new home and shop.  You all remembered to set your clocks the first of the month? The farmers harvesting beans were complaining about the fog, clouds, dust, getting dark sooner and harvesting in between the rain.

The country voted in record turnout and we have a new President – elect Donald Trump. Regardless who you voted for, we pray for him to have the wisdom to lead our country in the right direction.

The open house of the First Christian Church.  was a success and we thank those for stopping by to say hello and congratulations! The dedication of the building service & lunch was held Nov. 20th with a nice crowd attending. What I learned this month: Be careful what you say you WILL NOT do, because you just might end up doing it, especially if the wife is asking you to do it!


What a lot of activities for Elk Citians to participate in and support for the holiday season.  Thanks to all those responsible for the parade and toys for tots dinner on the 12th. The Monterrey dinner that the crew fixed was scrumptious and generous. The desserts were yummy too. Thanks to  McCabe Genetics and family for donating the beef for the dinner.  The Parade Committee worked against the elements to get the Christmas parade going, but temperatures plummeted all day and the winds from the north were howling. It sure helps to have the dinner and parade on the same night, but Saturday night it didn’t seem to matter. The weather kept a lot of people home from enjoying the evening. And speaking of weather, is the threat of thunderstorms and tornadoes not crazy for Christmas Day! The Old Farmer’s Almanac says: The hours of sunshine on Christmas Day determines the number of frosts in May? And a warm Christmas is a cold Easter.   Later on the 22nd Santa and his elves delivered a gift to each child in Elk City, along with mittens and hat. You know who the elves are and they are very much appreciated for all the hours and hard work. This is a wonderful community project.

The ministerial alliance, consisting of the churches in town, assembled food baskets and delivered them. The Community Christmas Candlelight program was at the Nazarene Church, as was the Christmas Eve Worship service.

We have a new President and he’s almost sworn in by the time you read your newsletter. Good or bad, liberal or conservative, agree or disagree with him, he’s here for 4 years and we should pray he makes things better. It will not do any good for us to wish him to fail, then we all fail.

The Keli-Mart sold at auction a couple months ago with Eddie & Yvonne Bridges being the new owners. They’ve been doing a lot of remodeling, moving and shaking! We’re all wondering with excitement to see what they have in store for the Keli Mart! We wish them good luck & customers.

What I learned this month: According to Daniel Boone, the cold weather in mid-Dec. is just the beginning of a long cold winter. The animals are “furred-up” this year, more than he’s seen in quite awhile. I can agree with that statement, as my kitties sure are furry! Happy New Year to all.

This story was featured in the 4th quarter 2016 Elk City Newsletter.