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Newsletter is late because my daughter arrived the first of April with her two little ones,  2 years old and 9 months then we all made a trip to family for Easter.  Just got back and finishing up this quarter sorry for the delay.

Spirit of PRIDE supper

PRIDE honored 9 generations with the Spirit of PRIDE Supper, Elk City Citizens who are 90 years to 100 years old. A large gathering of 60 or more Elk Citians gathered the end of February to honor 9 Seniors. In the last 90 years so many things have changed; early automobiles, from airplanes to the moon, depression years, went through World War 2 and several wars since, TV was invented, computers, from party line telephones to personal cell phones and so much more. No wonder they are considered the Greatest Generation, they have lived through so many changes in the last 90 years. The toastmaster gave each lady a rose and the gentlemen got a bag of Reeses. Thanks to our special Senior Citizens.

90+ years
Elk Citians 90 years to 99 and one who is 100
Toastmaster who read a short history
Elk Citians who gathered to honor the 90+ citizens

Carson Lodge Annual Waffle and Sausage Supper

The weather was beautiful, actually warm for February and a large crowd came to enjoy Waffles and Sausage all you can eat supper. I am not sure how many years this supper has been an annual event but I know it has been at least 40.

Crowd at Lodge Supper
Crowd at Lodge Supper
serving Waffles and Sausage
Serving Waffles and Sausage

Tid Bits by Jane


Remember when Elk City had stores, hustle and bustle was the topic of conversation one morning at coffee gathering. When a quarter would buy a pop and couple comic books, when kids picked up pop bottles to turn in for spending money at the drug store. The stories are so interesting. The temperatures, ice and snow remind us constantly it is winter. BRRR The ice storm on the 13-15th could have been much worse but even a little ice is too much! Grocery stores were busy as well as people making sure the generators were running if needed. Of course some people waited until cold weather set in to check on those items, not doing it when it was 70! Luckily generators weren’t needed for power. The city had a water line break on a cold day and several men helped to get water back to the public. It takes a village to raise a child – takes a community to keep the city going! That’s what I learned this month. The end!


Out my window I see the birds at the bird feeder, the wind blowing the top off my feeder, seems like wind blows all the time! Certainly has been a mild winter so far for us, even the snow didn’t last long! Some of the perennials think spring has sprung even though it is  a little early yet.

Did your team win the Super Bowl? It was an exciting game this year and the commercials were good too.

Have you experienced dry skin this winter worse than usual, some people have reported their skin is rough as sandpaper! Do you remember the smell of original Jergens Lotions? I bought a bottle the other day and it reminds me of spending time with my granny, love that Jergens aroma and softness.

So, how did your Valentine’s Day stack up in the world of love? The average American spends $106.00 on flowers, candy, dinner or other ways of saying I love you and 73% of all flower sales are on Valentine’s day. My love bought candy and perfume, took me out for lunch and shopping, Orschein’s, but hey. I didn’t have to cook. I heard recently that Valentine’s Day is for the unmarried that are trying to get a Valentine, the married already have one and don’t need to celebrate. Do we really need a special day to be nice and say I love You to our significant other or special people in our lives? We had Valentine treats at Joe’s Friday with coffee.

What I learned this month; some days I know everything and some days I have a limited knowledge!  People only remember us by the way we treated them.

I’m pretty sure March came in like a LION! The WIND was WILD! The wind seems to have blown more than usual, but we probably forget it was the same last year. The shower of March 6th was welcomed. My asparagus popped through, red buds blooming, even a few strawberries were starting to bloom. The daffodils, tulips & fruit trees are in full bloom and very pretty, farmers are back in the fields spreading fertilizer and planting corn. Gardens are worked up and planted around town in anticipation of
a bountiful harvest. The ground temp and weather conditions made it seem like it was time to plant, even though the experts say the season is about 3 week early this year. The cold snap of March 13th may have been hard on all the bloomers. Is there
another cold snap or snow lurking out there in the great beyond? After all it can freeze and snow in April or even May.

The Mason Breakfast was back in full swing the 26th. It’s always good to gather, eat good food and visit with friends and neighbors and meet new people. Phyllis Newkirk passed away March 8th. As sad as the community and family is to lose such a
wonderful lady, she is now at peace with her Lord.

What I learned this month: The real name of a mountain boomer is… collared lizard. We had animal identification class one day at morning coffee, among other things!

Keli Mart changed name

Keli Mart Changed name to “The two Squirrels” when asked why the Two Squirrels the Bridges Family said because it is run by two nuts. They have worked hard putting a new face on the inside. They now have a breakfast menu, a lunch menu and they have a good meal special each day and homemade pies and cakes for desert. Check out their facebook.

Inside the two squirrels
Inside the Two Squirrels
Open sign for the two Squirrels
The two Squirrels
Inside the two Squirrels
The two Squirrels 3

Around Town

Gingham Aprons have fun lesson “Laughter Yoga”

FCE lesson Yoga Laughter Lesson
FCE Yoga Laughter Lesson

Another one of our Elk City residente was recognized as the “Quality teacher of the Month of January” He is a dedicated educator.

The Carson Lodge will resume their 4th Sunday Breakfast in March.

Elk City Park held an Open House March 18th. Around 50 children and adults attended the park open house to enjoy the new park equipment and refurbished older equipment. The new equipment includes a spin cup, dome jungle gym, bungee swing and an airplane teeter totter. They also served hot dogs, chips, coolies, kool-aid and bottled water. Keri Schnug also had story time from the Elk City Little Bookworm Library. Fun was had by all. Everyone needs to go and see the new and improved park. Many people came and volunteered their time and hard work to get this together. I just want to thank you all again. It is very much appreciated.

Juanita Newton celebrated her 90th birthday with a big party in the Community Building with lots of family and friends

Juanita Newton Celebrates 90th Birthday
Juanita Newton Celebrates 90th Birthday

Phyllis Newkirk was honored at Oak Hill Cemetery ceremony with a tribute called the Fireman’s last call for her dedication and service to the Louisburg Fire Department as a dispatcher.

Bingo was held at the Community Building following the Carson Lodge Waffle and Sausage supper. The building was full and the BINGO calling was lively.

HALE RURAL FIRE Department in Chautauqua County Rural Fire Department #6 Received Kansas Forest Service Grant
RFD #6 has received Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) grants totaling nearly $9,000 to equip a 5 ton 6×6 truck on loan from the Kansas Forest Service to be used for fire suppression. Funding for VFA comes from the USDA Forest Service which then awards a grant to the Kansas Forest Service, which administers the program and approves grants to local fire departments. This is a great way for the Kansas Forest Service to assist and encourage rural community fire departments to improve their services. Eligible applicants serve rural areas and communities with a population of 10,000 or fewer inhabitants. Fire departments approved for funding must match at least 50 percent of the total project cost with local funding.

Margie Hughes Warren a life long resident of Elk City celebrated her 100th birthday in February. Family and friends helped her celebrate 100 years of life!

Margie Warren
Margie Warren 100th

Unidentified Pictures

Lola Rowe pictures
Lola Rowe pictures

At Margie Warrens birthday celebration a lady brought in a suitcase full of pictures of people, most unidentified, many of Elk City residente, several back in the Chenoweth Studio and Truitt studio (both photographers in earlier Elk City). We have had several people look at them but so far only a few have names or are identified. They belonged to Lola Rowe and Ras Clingon. They were found in the garage of a home that was owned by Lola Rowe. Interesting project.

Church News

The First Christian Church hosted the gospel group GAAS.

Elk City Church of the Nazarene held a N.U.T.S weekend (Never Underestimate The Spirit) It included Youth Night with Gary Larson; Celebrate Jesus with Bob Huskey; Gospel Sing with The Abundance Quartet.  in March the Nazarene sponsored a free  movie “I’m not ashamed”  The Rachel Joy Scott Columbine Story

United Methodist Church’s Mission is to be a church that is; Grounded in the Word; Rooted in Fellowship and Commissioned for Service.

Alumni Minutes from the past

The Elk City High School Alumni Association at its annual banquet on Friday night May 26, 1939 did special honor to the class of 1889, this being the fiftieth anniversary of the graduation of the first class of E.C.H.S. Of that first class of nine but five are living. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Castillo and John Bertenshaw of Independence, Mrs. Blanche Rhodes Musson of Fairview, Kansas and Mrs. Cora Wright Powers of Sifton, Wash. Only Mr. and Mrs. Casillo were present.

One hundred thirty nine persons registered for a well appointed meal prepared by the ladies of the Methodist and Christian Churches under-class men of E.C.H.S. served in a very efficient manner. The guests entered the dinning room as their respective classes were called.

Acting as spokesman for the class of 1889, Mr. Castillo recounted some of the experiences and difficulties in securing high school vocation at that time. Following is the program as given;
Presiding, Franke Brown-Quidd 1901; Invocation, Helen McCord 1925, group singing, led by Vada Brown Wright, Toastmaster, Ned Davis 1903. The following talks were made on the arrangement of E.C.H.S.

E. History by E. J. Castillo, 1889 and Vocal Solo Rex Tagart 1938.
C. Contributors, Jeanette Kyger 1933
H. Half Century Myrtle Malcon Tleshe, Vocal Duet, Sarah Marlatt 1935 and Ardis Cox 1935.
S. Scattering thoughts, Allen McDowell, Trumpet solo Raymond Vaughn 1939.

Following the banquet a short business session was held. Mrs. Susie Tusing Rankin was elected President; Mrs. Vada Brown Wright, Vic President’ and Allan McDowell, Sec & Trea.

Brought forward $6.92
To Ardis Cox for supplies 1.20
on hand May 27, 1939 5.72
paid out for postal cards 1.50
paid out for telephone calls .31
bal. on hand 3.91

Remembering the Past Part 2

Go to the rest of Alva Marr Story


Hall, Thomas D., age 70 passed away December 2nd, graduated from Elk City High School.
Rice, Jim, died November 30, 2016 burial in Oak Hill Cemetery
Cain, Patricia Ann (DeLung) age 85 passed away February 2nd, burial in Oak Hill Cemetery
Clark, James E. Jr. died January 20,
Stroble John Edward, age 83 passed away January 31
Beason, Ruth A. (Gudgen) age 99 died
Stong,Mary Belle, age 100 passed away February 5, burial in Oak Hill Cemetery
NewkirkPhyllis age 83 passed away March 8, graduated from Elk City Schools, burial in Oak Hill Cemetery
Eytcheson Rose Ellen, age 97, passed away March 17,

The Good Old Days

Found in the Elk City Sun dated September 24, 1965

Large crowds were on hand last Friday and Saturday for the annual Elk City Community Fair. The fair got underway Friday with the judging of booths, home economics and agricultural exhibits and the livestock and poultry exhibits at 1 O’clock . At 2:30 p.m. a number of contests for the grade school children were held. Friday evening saw the first home football game of the season with Elk City losing to Chetopa. At half time Miss Nancy Cornett a senior in Elk City High School was crowned 1965 Fair Queen and Robin Berry daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Berry was crowned Fair Princess. Following the football game a dance was held at the Community Building.

A Parade Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. was the highlight of the fair. The many floats, entries, bands, saddle clubs and other features were enjoyed by a large crowd. The Coterie received first prize among the club floats, Mt. Tabor was second and Elk City Grange third. The Methodist church received first place on their float and the Christian church second. The Elk City schools received first place among artistic floats; Duck Creek Boosters 4-H Club, second; Junior Study Club third.

Saturday afternoon a number of street contests and a horseshoe pitching contest were held and provided a lot of entertainment. About 3:30 in the afternoon rain commenced falling, lasting about an hour and amounting to 1 inch

The annual been feed at 6 at the ball park drew a large crowd. A talent show followed. At 7:45 a Shetland pony pulling contest was held. A dance at the Community Building ended another fair.

25 years ago September 27, 1940

The Elk City Boy Scout troop took their second overnight camping trip of the season last Saturday night; using a camp site on the Jake Wright farm south of town. The group included Scout master Leon Newkirk, his assistant L. E. Moore and ten scouts, two tents which were purchased for the purpose, were used Saturday night for the first time.