Elk City Fair, Old Settlers Day Pictures 2017

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These are pictures taken on Old Settlers Day,  The thumbnails can be enlarged by clicking on the picture

vintage fire truck
Old Model T Fire Truck photo taken by Jane Osburn

Jeep in Parade
photo taken by
Jane Osburn

Recycling Truck
PRIDE recycles photo taken by Ashton Oliver

taken by Ashton Oliver

photo taken by
Oliver Ashton

parade float
taken by Ashton Oliver

vintage cars
vintage cars photo taken
by Melinda Bennett

Horses ending the parade
photo taken by Jane Osburn

Fair Queen, Prince, Princess
Coronation photo
taken by Jane Osburn

water game
Game at Ballfield
taken by Jane Osburn

Life Helecopter taken
by Melinda Bennett

tractor pull
Farm Bureau tractor pull
by Melinda Bennett

Game booths
Fair booths at ball field
by Jane Osburn

Vintage cars at fair
by Jane Osburn

Playing Volleyball on Old Settlers Day taken by Jane

watermelon feed
Free Watermelon feed sponsored by Farm Bureau
byJane Osburn

singer Bryan Knowles
Bryan Knowles entertainer by Jane Osburn